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I have developed a set of exercices and have a detailed approach towards it. So, from the basics to crazy spins , kids can rely on a progressive approach based on fundamentals.

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@angeliquice Thank you so much @peakicecamps and @benoitrichaud for giving me the opportunity to work with such amazing athletes. 💪🏼🔥It was a pleasure to work with you on your spins Lindsay 🤗 #figureskating #skating #peakicecamps #фигурноекатание #フィギュアスケート #lindsaythorngren #spin #spinning #sitspin #вращение #работа #work #training #worklife ♬ Paro - Speed Up - Nej

The details
that can make a difference

You may put all your energy onto the ice, but if it is not directed by a professional coach, it might be challenging to achieve your personal goals.

Each athlete and skater is unique and requires personalized adaptation and corrections to succeed. Learning a new element, making a clean performance or mastering jump triples, everything needs the proper approach and discipline.

In my work I make sure that I help the skater achieve the objectives and even go beyond themselves. It becomes attainable by adapting exercises, finding new ones, getting creative and extending the limits with a bit of fun.

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Mia Risa

I loved working together with Angelique both on my skating, spins and program choreography! She works really well with improving all the details, body positions, movements and expressions in the choreography and it makes such a big difference! She has made my programs so so much better and I am really thankful and grateful for that. It was always super fun working with her, she has great creativity and imagination for how the story line should be, for the audience to understand the feeling and the story of the programs. It improved my program components so much!

François Pitot, Gdansk 2022

François Pitot

Angelique Abachkina is a great coach who always has a smile and who works in a good mood, she has an eye for spotting the little important details that will help you earn more points in competition, this year she choreographed my short program and did the awesome music editing, she is a coach you can trust.



Анжелика замечательный тренер по фигурному катанию. Легко находит общий язык с детьми. Моей дочери очень нравилось заниматься с Анжеликой и она до сих пор по её вспоминает.

Translation: Angelique is a wonderful figure skating coach. She easily gets along with children. My daughter enjoyed working with Angelique really much, and she still remembers her.

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