Figure Skating & Choreography Classes

Children and adults classes both for the beginners and professionals


Skating Skills
The Foundation of Figure Skating

From learning to skate with stability and comfort, to being able to do quality movement and ease with grace, these are absolute necessities to being able to learn the jumps.

Polishing & Personalizing the Program

From making a program to doing a full clean up, this is the most exciting part of Figure skating. Working on expression, movements, concept and placement on the ice.

learn to skate

Learning To Skate
for the beginners

To learn skating at a young age, and I mean quality skating following all the fundamentals is a huge advantage in a kid’s future career. Learning to skate is an essential step to be able to move onto Skating Skills.

Getting Speed. Learning Biellmann

I have developed a set of exercices and have a detailed approach towards it. So, from the basics to crazy spins , kids can rely on a progressive approach based on fundamentals.

Skating Skills Classes

Dance Classes
Working On Mannerism. Hitting The Pose

Being an ice dancer implies to take a lot of different dance classes with different styles. In those sessions I combine my knowledge with what will benefit the skater in his development and explore new styles.

Makeup Sessions
Analyse Your Face. Learn The Basics

It was something that my mom and I were really into during my own career: to have a matching look for my program. Looking gorgeous and confident during a competition is key for a girl, but when she doesn’t know how to do her makeup in the first place it will not be easy.

Angelique Abachkina Skating On Ice

Fundamental Topics Presentation

Some things can’t be learned in between two elements on the ice, especially when it comes to the concept of being a professional athlete. Some fundamentals exist: like food habits, training behavior, how to handle yourself during hard practices and competitions and also video analysis to understand better what we are asking them to do.


Some classes are available online, for example dancing, makeup sessions or spins.

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